surgical sutures are central in wound closure procedures, and we at MEDIHOP understand this. A combination of high quality material of suture strands and prominent needles, especially designed for surgery which demand superiority at reasonable outlay.


• T-Vio (Synthetic, Absorbable, Multifilament)
The multifilament structure made the strand exceptionally strong and pliable, thus enable a good handling and knotting capability. Polyglycolide material resulted in a very minimum tissue reactions and predictable absorption between 56 to 70 days, with no foreign body left after the absorption process is completed. The base material Polyglycolide is further coated by Polycaprolactone and Calcium stearate, which facilitate an easier passage through tissue, not to mention an easier knot sliding ability and the prevention of fluids presence within its openings, so T-Vio is actually monofilament-like.

• T-Lene (Synthetic, Non-Absorbable, Monofilament)
This monofilament suture is extremely inert thus there is no need to remove the strand out of tissue, since its purpose is to provide everlasting wound support. Made of Polyvinylidene (PVDF), which is a superior material if compared to polypropylene.
Some of T-Lene superior qualities are:
o Least package memory
o Superior handling and knot tying characteristics
o Smoothest suture surface ever
o Exceptional strength, resist breakage

• T-Nylon (Synthetic, Non-Absorbable, Monofilament)
An economic choice of synthetic monofilament suture to support wound. A far better choice as compared to silk, considering T-Nylon also provides eternal support to the wound closure.
TRITON T-Nylon is pliable and mostly used to close abdominal wounds and skin.


• T-Plain (Biological, Absorbable, Monofilament)
A monofilament suture made of sheep intestine, treated to maximize its collagen purity and minimize tissue reaction. T-Plain effectively support wound from 7 to 10 days.

• T-Chromic (Biological, Absorbable, Monofilament)
High integrity chromic salt coating extends wound support to 21 days, while retaining the smoothness of the original surface. Prior to the innovation of synthetic suture, Chromic suture was responsible for fascia closure.

• T-Silk (Biological, Non-Absorbable, Multifilament)
Wax coated natural silk provides unrivaled softness and pliability for prime suture handling, with exceptionally secure suture knots. T-Silk can support long tenure wound support. Highly selected silk material minimizes tissue reaction.

• T-Plain (Surgical Catgut Plain, Monofilament, Natural, Absorbable)
• T-Chromic (Surgical Catgut, Monofilament, Natural, Absorbable)
• T-Silk (Silk, Braided, Natural, Non-Absorbable)

• T-Silk (Silk, Braided, Natural, Non-Absorbable)
• T-Plain (Surgical Catgut Plain, Monofilament, Natural, Absorbable)
• T-Chromic (Surgical Catgut, Monofilament, Natural, Absorbable)
• T-Vio (Polyglycolide, Braided Coated, Synthetic, Absorbable)

• Circular Stapler for Rectal Prolapse and Haemorrhoids
• Disposable Skin Stapler (35 W) and Remover


• Personal Protection Equipment Kit (PPE)
• T-Towel Advance Bathing Towel
• Surgical Google and Glasses


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